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This conversation came about from the observation made by both of us that on the big issues of the day whether they be Brexit, Trump or lockdowns, libertarians find themselves on either side of the divide - often vociferously so. Can libertarians be effective when they are so divided?

Sadly, we never really manage to answer this question. We do, however, manage to spend time talking about the importance of prosperity, the differences between active socialists and active libertarians, women orchestra conductors and the growth of the Anglosphere.

Right at the end we mention silences. There were plenty during the recording as the two of us (mainly me) gathered our thoughts. These have now been removed.

Brian quotes

“Libertarianism is a statement about how the world is.”

“If you by going on holiday and spread the plague you might as well be waving a machine gun in the air and firing it.”

“Optimism is a good technique”


  1. Kristian Niemitz 
  2. Anton Howes 
  3. One of Brian’s postings on Steve Stewart-Williams 
  4. What J K Rowling has to say 
  5. Perry de Havilland gets banned
  6. Brian on Chris Tame 
  7. I have been unable to find the speech by Brezhnev.
  8. J P Floru 
  9. Mancur Olsen


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