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Usually it's me doing the interviewing but since I am the resident expert on the First World War for once I am the interviewee. But don't worry Micklethwait fans, Brian does plenty if not a majority of the speechifying.

We start off by talking about why Britain went to war.


Most Cobden Centre supporters will be thoroughly familiar with Detlev Schlichter through his book Paper Money Collapse and his blog The Schlichter Files.  In this podcast I ask how it is that the collapse he predicted in the book has been averted.  Detlev explains how western governments have propped up their banks, how we have seen a massive change in the money creation process and how inflation expectations will act as the trigger for the final collapse.


Are democracy and sound money incompatible?  Many people think they are but Douglas Carswell, MP for Clacton, begs to differ.  Indeed, he has begged so much that he's produced a book: The End of Politics and the Birth of iDemocracy.

In this podcast we discuss how debts are undermining Western civilisation, the significance of unequal taxation and how iDemocracy most definitely does not mean voting by computer.  And, oh yeah, what is the difference between a metaphor and a simile?

In this podcast, Brian and I discuss the difficulties in making the case for Austrian economics, the difficulties in reading the case for Austrian economics, the importance of the term "Austrianism", how things are going and how best to deal with socialists (answer: agree on the problem: disagree on the solution).

We also manage to get into a bit of a pickle over whether TARP and the Stimulus were Keynesian or Monetarist.  If there are members of the commentariat who could enlighten us we would be grateful.

Here is a link to Brian's piece on the importance of being Number Two


At least, that's how it starts. But soon enough we're talking about the Battle of Jena and all points between, which include the Franco-Prussian War, the siege(s) of Paris and the Dreyfus Affair.

In this edition Michael Jennings and I talk about what you can learn from watching TV in bars and cafes abroad. Quite a lot, as it turns out, though not, sadly, in the case of that enigma wrapped up in a mystery that is Australia.

"Everything" to include unemployment, the Fairness Doctrine, liberation theology, Guatamalan novelists and banking - a subject that prompted Paul to remark: "If you consider it and think about it too long, you go mad."

It's new and it's roots are shallow but the Indian Premier League (IPL) looks set to stay. Brian and I talk about why I like it and what is says about India and cricket in general. Some swearing.

Why it is rising, the strength of western democracy, the 1970s and the failure behind greenery.

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