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Luckily the introduction is on the recording so I don’t have to introduce the subject here (well, that’s how it seems to me.) However, there are notes to be done so here goes:

  1. Findlay Dunachie
  2. Brian's blog posting on the books he's been reading. 
  3. Anton Howes
  4. The Kink 
  5. Lilburne was imprisoned but he was not executed.
  6. I haven’t been able to find a date for when the word “inventor” came into the language.
  7. This chart seems to indicate that literacy rates in Britain were similar to those in Germany and Sweden in 1750. Of course, these are estimates. After all, who was counting?
  8. Luther had 95 theses.
  9. I think Brian is referring to the German Peasants’ War of the 1520s.
  10. “There are doubts as to the extent of George Stephenson's literacy. Most of his letters were written by secretaries or his son Robert, but signed by George Stephenson himself. “
  11. On the subject of the destruction of the Song’s ocean-going ships I can find precious little - nay, disturbingly little - evidence for this especially on Wikipedia. There were “Treasure voyages” but they were in the Ming period. Some say the ships were destroyed but Wikipedia is silent.
  12. The Duke of Northumberland’s River would appear to have been built well before the 1700. Well before the English Civil War even. 
  13. The Bridgewater Canal was indeed commissioned by an aristocrat (a duke as it happens) and opened in 1761; bang, slap in the middle of the period we are talking about. 
  14. Sudha Shenoy 
  15. Emmanuel Todd 
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