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At least that was the intention. Unfortunately, (or should that be "fortunately"?) we tended to get side-tracked - perhaps because it is a depressing subject, perhaps for other reasons. The main side track was the economics of the Royal Marsden Hospital which would appear to be quite good.


  1. Brian on NHS diagnosis v NHS treatment 
  2. The Machine 
  3. The Brian Micklethwait Archive
  4. Brian on charities
  5. Overheating Samsungs
  6. LG does indeed stand for Lucky-Goldstar
  7. The Five Stages of Grief (that aren't)
  8. The Mask
  9. Monorails
  10. Francis Fukuyama and the end of history
  11. Does Communist China hold sham elections? Yes it does.
  12. Google cars
  13. Brian on robot trucks
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