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This perhaps requires some explanation. Originally, the idea was to talk about the Libertarian Alliance split which we do briefly talk about in the podcast. However, it rapidly became apparent that this was not going to be the main thrust of what we were going to talk about; rather we were going to talk about what the “other” side did, meaning what they achieved, which was quite a lot as it happens.

In doing so, we cover Orwell, Mises, Marx, atheism and why people are not as closed minded as we often think.

We also meander but you, the regular listener, wouldn’t expect anything else. Such meanderings include: Chris Tame’s Randianism; Murray Rothbard; the economic calculation debate; the Anti-Soviet Society and woke politics. 

Brian quotes

“I would far rather be understood and disagreed with than agreed with because misunderstood.”

“Your expectations of the future feed into what you think is going to happen now.”

“In other words [the socialists] kept the enterprise going and changed the excuses for it.“

“There is a point when lies go up to another level.”

“The whole point of wokery is that it is bollocks.”

“A lot of arm-twisting goes on in the socialist world.”


  1. America’s Great Depression
  2. From Marx to Mises
  3. Mises's Socialism. 
  4. Was David Ramsay Steele a lecturer? No
  5. Atheism explained
  6. Steele's Orwell book. 
  7. Did Margaret Thatcher say, “One day they will be free.”? That’s how I remember it. The Thatcher Foundation seem to think that’s what she said although it is absent from the quoted BBC transcript. 
  8. The Soviet Coup
  9. Kondratiev was indeed a socialist. So socialist in fact that Stalin had him executed in the Great Purge.
  10. Politics & The English Language 
  11. It is of course the “active voice”.
  12. That article for Samizdata Stephen Davies on Brexit and political realignment.
  13. Myth of the Closed Mind
  14. Khrushchev made his “We will bury you.” remark in 1956. 
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