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This podcast has had something of a troubled beginning. First of all, we ran out of space on the SD card meaning that 10 minutes of the greatest conversation in history is now lost for ever. It was mainly about cricket.

Then, we found that although Brian had plenty to say I had few questions to ask which rather put the damper on things. At that point we decided to abandon and come back another day. Which we did. The second session was much better and much longer. In fact we gabbled on for so long we had to have the odd break.

The upshot is that we have ended up with 5 parts. In Part I Brian states that he likes TV and that "proper" TV involves implausibly good-looking people doing implausible things. Sadly we never do get to find out who Gary Halliday is.

Other parts will be posted up as they become available i.e. when I get round to editing them.

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